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Metal Detectors 

For over 25 years, Advanced Detection Systems has been providing metal detectors for a wide range of industrial recycling, rubber and plastic regrind applications where performance is everything and downtime is not an option.


SurroundScan Protector Metal Detectors

Improve product purity and defend processing equipment with the SurroundScan Protector metal detector. This heavy duty, three coil design is engineered to wrap around a conveyor, detecting all types of metal in reground plastics. For applications requiring detection of minute pieces of metal, an enhanced sensitivity version is available.



  • Heavy duty 1/8”and 3/16” gauge steel construction Integral control cabinet - remote control option available
  • Shipped completely assembled
  • Sizes for belt widths up to 48”
  • Optional light duty construction detector available for belt widths 36” or less

SurroundScan Protector HD Metal Detectors

Protect your equipment with the SurroundScan Protector HD metal detector. This three coil design is engineered to detect any type of metal. And to eliminate false triggers, the sensitivity can be adjusted to only detect the metal you want, while ignoring small bits that can be passed along. Optional Enhanced Sensitivity The SurroundScan Guardian can be easily installed by two workers by simply removing the endplate and placing it around your existing conveyor – no need for forklifts or lifting devices.



  • Heavy duty construction - 3/16” and 1/4” steel Integral control cabinet - remote control option available
  • Shipped completely assembled
  • Sizes for belt widths up to 114”


Option Enhanced Sensitivity: For applications requiring detection of smaller pieces of metal, the Protector HD is available in an enhanced sensitivity version.




Whatever material you’re processing, Dings has the magnetic solution to meet your needs. Regardless of size or speed, Dings offers magnets to separate metals quickly and efficiently. Reliable, magnetic results from Dings Magnetic Group.


Self-cleaning, Stationary, & Severe Duty Overhead Electromagnets

Overhead or Overband magnetic separators suspend above belt or vibratory conveyors, magnetically lifting ferrous metals out of bulk material. They are used for steel recovery; or protecting processing equipment, removing damaging tramp metal that can cause costly repairs and downtime.

Self-Cleaning & Stationary Overhead Permanent Magnets

Permanent overhead magnets are non-electric suspended type separators, suspended over a conveyor or head pulley to remove ferrous metals. No external power source is required for the magnet.

Flat Plate Magnets

  • Hinged for simple installation in sloped chutes
  • Liquid tight face -Stainless steel construction
  • Optional sanitary finish or four pale construction
  • Sizes to fit chutes from 4” to 96” or larger
  • Conveyor magnet style for suspension over moving product

Perma Chute

  • For use where space is limited, with materials which won’t pass freely through a grate magnet, or when the chute is too vertical for a standard plate magnet
  • Quick Clean model features built-in drawer for easy removal of attracted metal
  • Options include: round chute adapters, sanitary finish and door closure sensors

Pneumatic In-Line Magnet

  • Locate anywhere along a pneumatic line– horizontal, vertical or incline
  • Plate magnet swings away for easy cleaning, preventing “wipe-off” of  trampiron into product stream
  • Cartridge magnet for removal of fine tramp iron in free flowing powders

Drum Only Type PC

  • Mounts easily with pillow block bearing and shaft clamp -Choice of standard (radial) agitating (lateral) pole designs -Widths from 8” through 48”
  • Ceramic drum diameters - 2”, 18” and 24”
  • Rare earth drum diameter – 12”


Drum and Housing Type FC

  • Furnished with drive motor, feed leveler, splitter and housing -multiple drum arrangements available
  • Easy lubrication with removal of sealed cover plates on both sides of housing


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